Portable Fire Pit set up in the woods by a river

The Campfire: A Portable Fire Pit to Last a Lifetime

We have a new product that is perfect for all year round! Winter is always approaching and there's nothing quite like gathering around a warm and inviting fire with loved ones. But the summer is the perfect time to get out into the wild and this Campfire is perfect for that too!

An outdoor fire pit serves as the perfect solution for adding both comfort and charm to any outdoor living space or campsite. Today, we delve deep into The Campfire, a remarkable portable metal outdoor fire pit and showcasing how it stands out amongst competitors through its innovative features and adaptability.

Portable fire pit set up in by a river in the woods
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Before discussing The Campfire, let us examine various aspects of fire pits that help potential buyers make informed decisions based on preferences and needs. Two major classifications exist for fire pits: wood burning and gas (propane) units. Herein lies the distinction between the two:

 Doppio Living Wood Burning Fire Pits:

- Have a steady supply of wood and sticks when used outdoors.

- Require little to no maintenance.

- Light weight and portable.

- Will not break the bank and will last a lifetime.

Gas (Propane) Fire Pits:

- Need to always have a filled gas bottle.

- Require some level of maintenance.

- Are often bulky and heavy to move around.

- Typically involve greater initial costs relative to conventional wooden counterparts

Now, let's focus on what sets The Campfire apart from other portable metal outdoor fire pits.

Metal fire pit set up and ready to use
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Design & Build Quality:

Designed meticulously, The Campfire uses weathering steel, resulting in a contemporary appearance combined with durability. Measuring approximately 12 inches width and height while weighing roughly 12.2 pounds, this sturdily built yet lightweight model ensures portability and stability.


The Campfire provides extraordinary flexibility since it can be used anywhere - in your garden, at the seaside or in the woods. The Campfire also has two grate positions so that users can adjust for weather they want to cook a few steaks or enjoy a good wood fire. Moreover, the fire pit comprises a detachable grid component, facilitating seamless transitions between cooking activities and a wood blaze.

Culinary Functionality:

Beyond delivering warmth and atmosphere, The Campfire excels in catering to al fresco dining enthusiasts as well as campers and outdoor lovers. Users can transform the Campfire into a portable cook station capable of preparing diverse dishes due to the inclusion of an grid attachment as well as an optional skillet. From succulent steaks to hearty stews, imagine delighting guests with delectable offerings prepared straight from this multipurpose piece!

Campfire Dimensions
Flatpacks down to fit into a bag included in the purchase

Final Thoughts on the Campfire:

For individuals seeking a multifunctional, aesthetically appealing portable metal outdoor fire pit, consider investing in the Campfire. Combining superior craftsmanship, dual-fuel compatibility, and outstanding culinary prowess, this highly efficient device presents incredible value for money. Enhance your outdoor entertaining experiences by introducing the Campfire into your life.

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