Welcome to our FAQ page, where we provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products. We understand that you may have questions or concerns, and we hope this page will provide you with the information you need to feel confident in your decision to choose us.

About the Doppio Living Outdoor Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Is there a warranty on the oven?

Yes, the Cordierite pizza cooking stones are covered by a 6-month warranty that will adequately cover any manufacturing defects or shipping damage that may only come to light after using the oven a few times. Note that they should last for years if
cared for properly.

Additionally, the pizza oven itself is protected by a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects. The oven should provide years of delicious cooking and happy memories.

What is the oven made from?

The entire oven (except for the cooking stones) is manufactured from weathering steel (also known as Corten Steel) at 0.12” minimum thickness. The fire-grate, roof and handles are made of an even thicker gauge.

What is weathering steel or Corten Steel?

Weathering steel is often referred to by the proprietary name of Corten Steel. It consists of a group of steel alloys developed to eliminate the need for painting, instead weathering to form a beautiful and stable rust-like coating after several years of exposure to the elements. This coating protects the steel against any further corrosion.

How will the oven look when I receive it?

The oven components will have the typical silver/gun-metal gray color of new un-coated steel. It will not look rusted.

Will the oven rust and how long will it take?

Yes, the oven is specifically designed to rust over time to form a rich red-brown coating on the surface of the steel which protects against further corrosion.

How long it takes to rust depends on many factors, including climatic conditions and proximity to the coast. It could take years. However, the weathering process can be hastened by applying a solution easily made from off-the shelf household products. Get the recipe and instructions here.

What are the dimensions and weight?

Weight: 180lbs (82kgs)
Height: 37 inches (940mm)
Width: 20.5” (520mm)
Depth: 19.9” (505mm)

How will my oven be delivered?

We trust our oven deliveries to a single country-wide shipper that will deliver using a lift-gate truck. The pallet will be placed curbside or on your driveway. Note that within reason, our shipper is not able to handle the pallet beyond this point.

How do I unpack my new oven?

If you bought the DIY kit:
Unless you have the correct material handling equipment, do not try to carry the pallet from where it was unloaded by the shipper. It is extremely heavy and may cause injury and damage to property. Rather carefully cut open the box and carry individual parts to the assembly area. Wear gloves and any other necessary protective clothing.

If you bought an assembled oven:
Two strong persons will be able to carry the oven, but the best option will be to wheel the oven to its position using an appliance dolly. Make sure it is securely strapped, and wear gloves and any other necessary protective clothing.

How do I assemble my oven?

All tools and fasteners are included in the kit for the successful assembly of your oven.

Watch the assembly video or download the Owners Manual here.

As the oven is very heavy, we highly recommend you assemble it right where you will be setting up your outdoor pizza oven kitchen.

Where should I position the oven?

The choice is yours! Anywhere you would use a charcoal grill will be a suitable place to put the outdoor fireplace and pizza oven.
Note that the unit does generate a bit of smoke when lighting the fire, so be considerate.
Also, the sides and roof get extremely hot, so make allowance for this.

What size pizza can I bake?

Your oven will easily cook a 14” pizza to perfection!

Can I use the oven indoors?

No, under no circumstances can the oven be used indoors. But when it comes to equipping outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens are a must-have!

Will the oven harbor germs?

No, never! The very high heat levels reached in the oven are way higher than the maximum temperature bacteria can exist in. Outdoor pizza ovens, fireplaces and charcoal grills have been safely and hygienically used for hundreds of years.

Will the heat of the oven affect the steel?

There could be minor warping on certain parts. This is normal and does not affect the operation of the oven.
Also, the steel turns a beautiful blue color in parts from the heat.
Avoid making huge fires in the oven. It is an oven, not a fire pit.

Fire in the Hole!

What is the best wood for pizza oven use?

We highly recommend using kiln dried cooking wood

  • Any kiln dried or very well-seasoned hardwood is suitable.
  • Experiment with different kinds of wood for different flavors.
  • Logs can be small: 8” long and split 2” x 2” works well.
  • Do not use wet or unseasoned wood as this creates smoke.
  • Avoid burning very resinous Pine, although you can use small pieces for kindling.

    NEVER EVER use painted or treated timber in the firebox, as this can release toxic fumes.

How do I start a fire in the firebox?

CAUTION: The oven gets blazing hot on all surfaces. Please wear suitable heat resistant gloves and keep children away from the oven.
NEVER use lighter fluid or petroleum products in the oven.

  1. Remove the doors from the oven and the firebox and hang them on the side of the oven.
  2. Place a ball of newspaper or paper towel at the back of the firebox. A few drops of cooking oil on the paper help get things going.
  3. Place finely chopped kindling against the paper and add slightly thicker kindling.
  4. Set the paper alight, and as the fire catches, add 4-5 logs of wood.
  5. We like to use lump charcoal to build a good foundation of heat.
  6. Once the fire is burning well, replace the oven door (not the firebox door) and let the
    heat swirl through the oven and out the vent at the back.

How big must the fire be and how often should I add more wood?

The Doppio Oven is efficient. There is no need to make a huge fire. The secret is to build the fire up to the correct heat instead of making it too hot and trying to rein it in. If the fire seems to be getting a bit wild, you can replace the firebox door and control the airflow by positioning the door in the adjustment slots provided.

Once you have a bed of coals, you can toss a couple more logs against the back of the firebox every 15-20 minutes.
Note: You want more flames when cooking pizza so they lick up and over the top of the oven. Coals are fine for slow cooking or roasting.

Keep an eye on the temperature gauge, as this is your reference point to maintain even heat.

After making the fire, how soon until I can begin baking?

Once the fire is burning well, you should be able to start baking in 20-30 minutes.

We recommend pre-heating at 500°F (260°C) if baking pizza. This helps the pizza stone to come up to temperature.

How long must I wait between baking pizzas?

If you are maintaining a good fire that is holding the oven heat between 650°F and 750°F, you will not need to wait before baking the next pizza.

However, it is worth giving the stone a light scrape with the peel or brush, just to clean off any melted cheese or burned toppings.

Cooking and Baking

Is it difficult to cook wood-fired pizza?

No, it isn’t! It is an enjoyable and relaxing experience.
Like learning anything new and worthwhile, it takes a little practice, but soon you’ll be baking pizzas like an Italian master. Get organized with a nice outdoor pizza oven table to prep and serve on.

Is it a healthy way to cook?

We say yes! Remember that the ancient Pompeiians, who made the first pizza ovens as we know them, died from a volcanic eruption and not from eating too much pizza. Use the best ingredients you can afford, and remember to keep everything in moderation, including moderation.

How long does it take to bake a pizza?

Once you have the oven temperature between 650°F and 750°F, an average sized pizza should cook within 2 minutes.

How do you prevent a raw dough pizza base from sticking to the peel?

The best flour to use to ‘dust the peel’ is Semolina flour, made from Durum wheat.
Generously dust the whole surface of the peel before sliding the uncooked pizza onto it. Once on the peel, you can lift the edges of the base and sprinkle a little more underneath just to be safe.
It is good practice to brush the cooking stone surface before baking the next pizza.

How do I get the pizza off the peel and onto the cooking stone?

Good question!

The first pizza I tried to bake in our big Pompeii Style brick oven ended up being flung into the flames! But use enough peel dust (Semolina Flour) on the peel, and you will have no trouble tipping it off the peel and onto the stone. Don’t shoot the peel forwards and whip it back towards you. Rather tip it forward as far as you can and tug it back towards you in short jerks, moving it forward again after each jerk. Once a portion of the pizza is hanging over the end of the peel, you can use that to ‘drag’ on the cooking stone and help slide it off.

You’ll soon get the hang of it!

Must I rotate the pizza while it is baking?

Yes, this is the best way to make sure it cooks evenly, but please wear gloves! Push the peel under the pizza, pull it partly out of the oven and rotate the pizza 180 degrees by hand, then position it back on the cooking stone to finish.

One turn should be enough.

Can I only make pizza with the Doppio Living oven?

No! This oven was designed to accept skillets and dishes that are up to 15" wide and 2.8" high". You can grill vegetables, bake bread and delicious puddings, cook steaks, chicken, and fish!

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What is the process when slow-cooking a dish?

Pre-heat your oven by burning several hardwood logs for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Once the intense flames subside, you'll be left with a bed of glowing coals, and your oven temperature should be somewhere between 390-570°F. This is the perfect moment to place your dish inside the oven. For a consistent heat, you can close both the firebox and oven doors.

Note that you can adjust the airflow into the firebox by adjusting the door position, using the slots provided.

To maintain or increase the heat, add small pieces of hardwood every 5-10 minutes.

Caring for your Doppio Living Oven

How should I care for my oven?

There really isn’t much to do to keep your Doppio Living oven in perfect working order. Remove the firebox grate after each fire and sweep out the ash, or simply rinse it out with a hose.

However, the Cordierite baking stones do need a little care. It is a good idea to brush any baked food particles off the stone once the oven has cooled. You can wipe the surface of the stone with a damp cloth and plain water.

Never oil the stone (unless you are seasoning it) or soak it in water after it has been installed into the oven.

Never wash with soap, as the stone is porous, and the scent or taste of the soap could linger.

Can I leave my oven outside in the rain or snow?

Yes, you can.

However, if the pizza stones are soaking wet or freezing, dry them gently by making a small fire in the firebox for 45-60 minutes to begin with, gently drying and heating the oven.

Never make a fire on the cooking stone.

How do I season the pizza stones?

Although it is not completely necessary, we recommend that you do season the pizza stones before starting to cook on them as it makes them function better and easier to clean.

Instructions for this are in the user manual.

Orders and Shipping

I've placed my order. When will I get my oven??

Your order is shipped out 1-7 working days from the time we receive it, and the shipping time is generally 3-7 working days depending on your location.

So, it should be within 14 working days that you can set up your new pizza oven outdoor kitchen for your family and friends!

We will remain in contact with you throughout the process and provide a Tracking Number once shipped.

Can I order multiple units?


Contact us directly and we can work out a deal.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we can!

Contact us direct for a price shipped anywhere in the world.