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The Campfire

The Campfire

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We have developed a good looking outdoor fire pit that is the perfect fit perfect for your camping trip. The campfire unit is completely collapsible and fits perfectly into the included waxed canvas bag. The smell, ambiance of a wood burning fire pit is unmatched! Not even the convenience of a propane fire pit can come close to the enjoyment of the Campfire.


  • Material - 0.075" thick weathering steel with 0.12" thick grid included.
  • Flat pack - easy to assemble.
  • Use as a campfire, grill (grid included) or fry using a skillet or frying pan.
  • Multiple grate heights - depending on your fire needs.
  • FREE quality waxed canvas carry bag included!

The best portable firepit that money can buy ~ Marketing Manager at Doppio Living

Dimensions & Weight

Weight: 12.2lbs (5.5kgs)
Height: 12 inches (306mm)
Width: 10.9” (276mm)
Depth: 10.9” (276mm)

What's in the box?

  • Doppio Living Campfire
  • Campfire Bag
  • Grid
  • Grid Lifting Tool

Shipping & returns

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  • Portable

    Our portable firepit weighs only 12 lb and comes with a tough carrying bag. Perfect for camping or backpacking!

  • Cook or Look

    The ultimate for portable cooking or as a small firepit for the beach or in the garden.

  • Made in the USA

    Our products are 100% made in the USA from local materials.

Fire Pit Grill Cooking on a flat top skillet

Beats any Gas Firepit!

Meet the Campfire: a rugged and portable metal firepit designed for adventurous outdoor cooking. With its removable grid, this compact campfire will support all your outdoor culinary adventures as well as being a good old firepit to sit around and enjoy yourself.

The smoky flavors and ambiance from a wood fire
are unbeatable. Maybe a little more effort, but who can deny it! Leave the propane firepit at home this time and enjoy the simple pleasures of a warm and
friendly Campfire

Solid Steel Construction

  • Made from high quality weathering steel.
  • The metal Campfire arrives as bare steel, inviting nature to work its charm.
  • Your Campfire firepit is able to withstand any weather conditions as well as high heat.
  • Manufactured in the USA and intended to last a lifetime!

Yes! This IS a Portable Firepit!

Our Campfire is a square firepit that is 100% collapsible
and can be flat packed directly into the high-quality waxed canvas carry bag included in the kit.

Just one thing – please let the firepit cool before handling and packing!


The Campfire wood fired firepit is the ultimate accessory for anyone who loves the outdoors. Use it to cook your favorite dish, boil up a pot of coffee, take it on a trip into the mountains, set it up and enjoy a blaze or just burn your secret files! The choice is yours!

Better Than the Rest

Our Campfire is a large, strong metal firepit able to endure a beating. Although this does increase the weight, we believe the tradeoff is 100% worth it! Developed through actual use in the great outdoors, you’ll be pleased with your choice.

Made to Last a Lifetime

Your Campfire is 100% Made in the USA from local materials. No bull! We strive to make quality goods that you can get on and enjoy.

Collapsible content

How will the Campfire look when I receive it?

The campfire fire pit components will have the typical silver/gun-metal gray color of new un-coated steel. It will not look rusted.

Will the campfire rust?

Yes, the weathering steel we have selected is specifically designed to oxidize over
time to form a rich red-brown coating on the surface which protects against further corrosion.

However, should you prefer, a light wiping of cooking oil and regular use will limit the rusting process.

Why would you make a firepit that rusts?

We can understand why you would call us idiots, but hear us out.
The material that we use to make the metal firepit is Corten weathering steel which is designed to be in the outdoors and endure all types of weather as well as high heat.

How should I care for the Campfire?

This is entirely up to you! Simply throw it in the carry-bag after use or put it in the dishwasher, the choice is yours.

We recommend keeping the grid and skillet (if purchased) oiled and seasoned regularly. The best way to care for your Campfire is to use it often!