Mamma Rosa's Sourdough Italian Pizza

Mamma Rosa's Sourdough Italian Pizza


350g organic unbleached bread flour
125g fed sourdough starter
30g extra Virginia olive oil
10g salt
5g sugar
182g filtered water

These additions add that extra oomph to your pizza:
Italian pizza base sauce
green herb sauce


Night before:

  1. Combine dough ingredients and knead into a wet but not sticky ball.
  2. Add more flour or water if needed.
  3. Cover the bowl with a dinner plate or cling wrap and leave on the counter overnight to proof.

Next morning:

Dough should have doubled in size.
Steps 8 and 9 are for if you would like to precook your pizza base. It makes it easier for assembly (especially if you are a beginner)

  1. Punch down and divide into 4 to 6 balls.
  2. Flour counter liberally.
  3. Cover the balls and allow to rest for 30 to 60 min.
  4. Heat Doppio Living oven to 500°F (You can also do this if you put a put a pizza stone in your gas or electric oven which can be easier)
  5. Using a floured rolling pin and on a well-floured counter roll out one ball. (If it's too springy leave it to rest a while longer, or persevere with rolling, flouring and flipping it over.
    Note: It mustn't stick to the counter.
  6. Continue until you have desired thickness and size.
  7. Sprinkle fine corn meal onto a pizza peel and gently ease the base onto the peel.
  8. Finesse it onto the heated pizza stone and cook for 2-5 min or until firm enough to handle without it breaking.
  9. Repeat process with remaining balls of dough.
  10. Cool wrap well, and freeze if you're not using the same day.

Topping ideas:

Meat Vegetables Cheeses
Roasted chicken
Cooked minced meat
Roasted lamb
Fried or roasted eggplant
Roasted peppers
Sliced tomato
Green or black olives
Thinly sliced red onion
Whole milk mozzarella
Feta cheese.

To assemble the pizza:

  1. Heat your Doppio living wood fired pizza oven to 500°F
  2. While it's heating lay your bases and dishes with your various toppings out on a large surface
  3. Spread the first base with the Italian pizza base sauce. Just enough to cover and right to the edges.
  4. Choose meat, vegetables & cheese of your choice, but don't overload.
  5. Sprinkle the pizza peel with corn flour and shoof it into the heated oven.
  6. Bake until edges are crispy, and topping is cooked - roughly 3 minutes.
  7. Serve with green herb sauce or chopped fresh Italian herbs or both.
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